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  Likno Software Affiliate Program (commissions up to 45%!)

Likno Software has created an advanced and flexible Affiliate Program that will enable Affiliates to promote Likno Software products and profit from all originated sales.

Likno Software's Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to gain from the established value of Likno Software products and make your website profitable!

We welcome you to our growing community and a profitable partnership!

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  Why join our Affiliate Program?

Likno Software offers affiliates the chance to become part of its Affiliate Program and promote its popular software. Through the promoting of Likno Software products you can earn commissions of up to 45% for each product sold originating from your affiliate link.

Simply submit your application, and once approved you will have access to banners and links that will help you start promoting Likno Software products and start earning money!

Earning money with our Likno Software Affiliate Program is easy.

We do the work, you earn cash... and we do a good work - we have a conversion rate of around 1:50 (depending on actual promotion or season), which means that one in every 50 visitors buys something from us.

We do EVERYTHING - host the products, handle downloads and customer queries, and you get paid from 30% up to 45% of the sale by simply referring a visitor to us through your affiliate link.

Your commission structure

Net sales this month till current sale
Accumulated net sales (excluding VAT and transaction costs) from beginning of current month till current sale:

Commission on current sale
accumulated sales from $1* up to $499 30%*
* a minumum of $200 in accumulated sales should be reached at the end of the month, otherwise the commissions made for that month will be declined.
accumulated sales from $500 up to $1999 35%
accumulated sales from $2000 up to $3999 40%
accumulated sales from $4000 and above 45%

Example: If Affiliate sells $800 in one month, the Affiliate receives 30% commission for the first $500 and 35% commission for the remaining $300 (not 35% on the entire $800).

Second-tier commission: 5% (from sub-affiliates)

You can get second-tier commission by referring other affiliates to join our affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your subaffiliates, and you will earn 5% commission of their sales.

Exceptions: Commissions are paid only for purchases of products. Commissions are not issued for purchases of product updates or upgrades, extended support, customizations (development of additional features) or services. A minumum of $200 in accumulated sales should be reached at the end of the month, otherwise the commissions made for that month will be declined.



Promotional material

Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Program in detail

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  Are you a Reseller and prefer our Likno Reseller Program?

If you have your own promotional and purchasing system working and would like to benefit from reselling Likno Software products through your own system then our Reseller Program is for you!

For more information on the Likno Reseller Program (different from the Affiliate Program as it requires that you handle the sales) please visit in the main Likno Software website.



  Likno Affiliate Program


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